L i e f

London born & raised artist, photographer, director Maisie Cousins represents the fierce face of talent in Britain right now. Her work is hyper-real, confronting and impactful, her approach to making art is performative, using both Photography and  Moving Image as her medium to express.

Cousins uncanny ability to wrap her lens around the unsettling and the natural sets her apart from others. Exploring themes of power, femininity, nature, technology, the body and indulgence, Cousins’ work embraces every part of the human body, avoiding any talk of airbrushing especially in an age of perfection.

Speaking in a recent interview she says, “even the most beautiful people leak, bleed and shit.” Successfully avoiding the usual pigeon holing, her work has been accepted by both the art, fashion and commercial worlds, featuring in Dazed, i-D, Hunger, V Magazine and at Tate Britain’s exhibition on new representations of the human body.

Maisie has been selected as part of the Dazed top 100 and Creative Review’s recent Exposure series.