Lyndy Stout selects the best current work by female directors, for 1.4’s showcase. The list features Crystal Moselle, Agnes Varda amongst our talents, Eva and Alma.

Lyndy writes:

Eva Michon: Harrison, Right Hook
Eva Michon is hot on nuanced narratives with great simple ideas that make you smile. Never girly, she’s particularly wonderful at creating that cruisey mood of being at one with the world – as, for instance, in her film Lollipop for fashion brand Rita Liefhebber or her latest music video for Toronto-based Harrison, Right Hook. The simple concept of synchronizing joggers’ pony tails swinging to the beat of Harrison’s tempo is mesmerizing. 

Alma Har’el: 
Chanel N°5 L’Eau, JellyWolf
The way women portray women in films is different from the way men portray women. Women want more stories about real, complicated women not just objects of desire. And the champion of getting these new stories out there, Alma Har’el, practices what she preaches. Her longer format documentaries, Bombay Beach, and the mesmerizing LoveTrue are voyages into other realities whereas her shorter more surreal fictionalized work resonates on a more emotional level. Who can forget her stunning story of co-dependence for Sigur Ros’ Fjögur Píanó? And now there is JellyWolf for Chanel N°5 L’Eau, a magical trippy play on the subsconscious connections with scents which is perhaps the most original perfume film ever. A new way of telling a story, indeed.

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