As we celebrate Noor Gherzaddine's arrival to the Lief roster, we want to highlight her phenomenal debut feature 'Are You Glad I'm Here'. The film is now available to watch on AMAZON PRIME and selected press can be found HERE.  

"You hear about chancers like Lars ‘Lads’ Von Trier winding up Cannes audiences with animal cruelty (don’t torture a duckling, etc), and his defenders who argue that his increasingly silly films are cinematic confrontations of bourgeoise manners (I do actually like Lars’ films, just not the people who take them seriously), but Are You Glad I’m Here is an actual masterclass in confronting Western prejudice and liberal simplicities (I speak as a simplistic liberal, btw). 

The thickening of cinematography is matched by the sweat and blood reality of getting rid of a body, of dealing with the fallout of murder, of finding strength through family and love. It is interesting that it is Nadine’s male relatives who unquestioningly come to her aid, gentle and strong men who take care of the physical aspects of the cover-up, suggesting that it was just Nadine’s husband who was the nob, not the entire male population of Lebanon. 

In Are You Glad I’m Here, Gharzeddine manipulates cinematic forms and narrative archetypes not only to confound expectation but to fashion a film that is as entertaining as it is thoughtful and as thrilling as it is surprising."

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