Bat For Lashes hotly anticipated album 'Lost Girls' is out now ! Natasha Khan speaks to Refinery29 about building the universe around the album, produced by Lief. 

The album was innovatively teased through social media with self directed scenes unfolding a narrative of Natasha's alter ego, NIKKI PINK. Throughout album visuals, music videos and press, the universe of the Lost Girls was built. 

"I think that all of us are lost girls like Peter Pan's lost boys, and we're all searching for those true magical elements that connect us back to our original selves," Natasha adds. I wonder whether this was something she had been experiencing personally. "I can’t not filter it through my own personal experience," she says. "I love using storytelling and archetypes. It’s like a modern day myth or fable but everything was coming through my heart, through an experiential place and a sort of honest place, because otherwise, I guess I wouldn’t feel like I have any authority to talk about those emotional landscapes." She grins. "I just like to dress it up in storytelling."

You can read all about it here.