We're looking back on a beautiful few days in Cannes for the 75th edition of the annual film festival. A highlight was the honour to be invited to the WOMEN IN MOTION diner presented by Kering and the festival.

WOMEN IN MOTION celebrates prominent women and young talents who seek to raise women's profiles in the industry. As the 2021 awardee, Lief director Shannon Murphy picked the talented Ninja Thyberg as the 2022 winner for her brilliant debut film “Pleasure”.

The night's honoree Viola Davis delivered a powerful speech about making change in the industry: “I always wanted my life to matter. I always wanted to leave this earth and leave a big fat hole in it. But, now that I’ve progressed in my career, what I’ve realized is I want to elevate storytelling for people of color.” the Oscar winner said, before adding “I want my ceiling to be someone else’s floor.”

Thank you Cannes and Kering for a magical time. We look forward to seeing Ninja’s choice in 2023!