Danny’s work is perhaps best represented across three projects. Firstly the short film he created alongside Lief, ‘Parlour Games’. The short is an ode to the classic parlour film, and is shot against an (almost) entirely red backdrop. It’s also the result of a unique development process, with actor Margaret Clunie providing the voiceover the storyboard from her bathtub whilst sipping a gin & tonic. 

Secondly, his hilariously dry spots for Selfridges show off the director’s comedic side. Somehow the ads manage to be both stylish and funny, and were sparked off while Danny was cleaning his house.

Finally, a series of idents produced for the tradesmen recommendation website Checkatrade prove how important a good storyboard can be when it comes to establishing a unique tone.

To find out how the director brought each of these projects to life, as well as exploring his creative process more generally, LBB’s Adam Bennett spoke to Danny

Above: Margaret Clunie’s bathtub-retelling of Parlour Games