A Woman Gives Birth to a Jellyfish in Luo Jian’s ‘What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon’

DN caught up with Luo Jian to talk visual and thematic inspirations, shooting on location in China, and the best advice to offer film students.

Q: Where did the idea arise to create a story about a woman giving birth to a jellyfish?

"Abortion can be a difficult subject to visually explore for two reasons: Firstly, for people who haven’t had the experience, how to best convey the isolation and absurdity of this emotional journey and how to have the audience taste something completely intangible i.e. a sense of loss. Secondly, how can I make sure this film can reach the audience in China, without being censored due to explicit/extreme images or dialogue.

I think human beings by nature are intrigued by and in need of personal stories, and I hope this film can find its audience."

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