As the founder of the first all-women’s soccer team in her native Afghanistan, Khalida Popal refused to take no for an answer in pursuit of her dream.

Even when facing death threats, she remained undeterred; in addition to her own career on the field, she founded the non-profit organization Girl Power, which focuses on giving women in underresourced communities the chance to develop better self-esteem and confidence through sports.

Nina Holmgren paid tribute to Khalida’s incredible work with the short film “Right To Play,” which tells Khalida’s story through evocative visual poetry – a soccer ball on fire, a goalpost flying through space, and more. “Right To Play,” is an abstract ode to Khalida’s power and fearlessness.

Free The Bid spoke to Nina about including Khalida’s inspiring mother in the film, shooting in Mexico City, and why right now is an exciting time to be a woman filmmaker!

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