“Lief is a woman-led creative content studio focused on promoting and celebrating inclusivity and creating new culture-defining work with its exceptionally unique and diverse roster of filmmakers. When they aren’t too busy upholding their reputation for creating high-quality, award-winning short-form content, they carve out some time to be an incredible production partner. They are truly invested in joining us in our mission to uplift underrepresented creators, and it is such a joy to work with them.” FREE THE WORK

Margo Mars, founder Lief adds “Witnessing the FREE THE WORK movement become THE global voice for change by supporting thousands of creators stepping into their OWN power has been the best trip! Meanwhile, with Lief I’ve built a home that believes in the power of fearless creation from the deepest founts of imagination by talents that bring all voices. It is no accident that Free The Work genuinely is our ride or die.” 

We are proud partners of FREE THE WORK and today, all 16 creators of Lief are celebrated for their unique powerful voices on @freethework: