In light of #Newlief Emily Cohn's feature film 'CRSHD' now streaming online and virtually in theatres around the US, GARAGE talked to Cohn about coming of age in college and as a filmmaker, and more.

I found the journey that you sent your characters on to be super compelling. What was the lesson you were trying to teach them in this movie?

I think that the main thing is to try to get out of their own heads. I think a lot about being in college, thinking, "Oh, everyone else is having a better time than I am. Everyone else has all these cool friends. Everyone else is thriving from when I see them." I think for each of the characters, I wanted them to understand that everyone is self-conscious about something, and the way that we might idolize someone is a false narrative: they're also going through their own shit. I wanted each of them to have that realization at some point.

Read more here and if you haven't already, watch the trailer below: