Audible has just launched a new Original podcast 'Stories of the Stalked', a true-life story created and hosted by filmmaker, performer, and choreographer, Lily Baldwin

Spanning six episodes, this genre bending true-crime story provides an incredible and intimate insight into Lily’s personal experience of being stalked over a staggering 13-year period, after X witnessed her performing on stage during the David Byrne and Brian Eno Album World Tour.

Listeners will hear from professionals in the worlds of private investigation, law, and forensic psychology, however, most compellingly, Lily’s family, friends and colleagues recount the harsh reality of witnessing a loved one go through the ‘invisible violence’ of stalking. Mixing first person storytelling with all the tension of true crime, the immersive sound design and dramatic reconstructions plunge listeners deep inside Lily’s world, taking them on a rollercoaster of events and emotions.

If you, or someone you know, are affected by themes within the series please visit Stop Stalking Us, Lily's non-profit organisation uniting people impacted by the dangerous, often invisible, crime of stalking.