Thank you to Professor Robert Abrams from Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, for such a thoughtful and perceptive review of our short film 'Limbo'. 

"In this film, despite the adverse conditions of his employment, we are privileged to observe Witold as he provides the empathic presence that is the single most essential component of caregiving. (...) The benevolence and respect shown by Witold elevate what might have been a degrading experience to a memorable gesture of compassionate care."

Lotje Sodderland developed the film after surviving a hemorrhagic stroke and being confronted with the alienating trauma of dependency. She wanted to do justice to the pain as well as the beauty depicted in the hidden world of ‘Limbo’, and we're extremely pleased to see our viewers being so receptive to this matter.

Limbo will be available on VOD from Dec 7th. Head to the BMJ blog for Professor Robert Abrams' full review.