We are excited to work with LeFawnhawk across film and content commissions. Mesmerising from first glance - artist, director, stylist and thinker, Le Fawnhawk captivates us with her dreamlike worlds and narratives. 

Mysterious, surreal and philosophical, her inimitable creativity is drawn from architecture and an acute sensitivity to the natural world. 

A keen collaborator and co-Founder of the newly formed art and design body, Oxen Studio, we expect the strong, spiritual language of Le Fawnhawk to evolve to dazzling heights. 

‘Magic is everywhere, in everything, all the time. It's the sparkle in our eye, a blade of grass, a breaking dawn, a math equation, a breath, the sound of rain, the humming of electricity, a emotion, a song floating in the air, a smile, a soft touch, eye contact with a stranger, a poem, a light breeze, a nostalgic scent, stillness, a vivid dream, a distant storm. Magic exists wherever you look for it.’ 

Visit LeFawnhawk.com to watch her Nowness premiered films ‘Ghost’ for musical trio The Acid, and ‘ODE’, co-created with Eliot Lee Hazel. Also check her hypnotising creation with Brisa Roche and Swarovski, and MTV & VMA nominated music video for Band of Skulls, ‘Sweet Sour’. 

Explore her intricate graphite series ‘Desert Elements’, and of course, her visionary photography. 

For further enquiries, contact us at #LOVELief

WEBSITE http://www.lefawnhawk.com/
INSTAGRAM @lefawnhawk
INSTAGRAM @oxenstudio