In light of the 2022 National Film Festival for Talented Youth opening on April 28th, the Directors Library released a must-see short film list featuring Florence Kosky’s therapy drama 'Neither Seen Nor Heard'.

Set in a therapist’s office, the film is a "clever and nightmarish visualisation of facing trauma through the opinions of others. (...) It’s a visually potent short and Kosky delights in the production design of her protagonist’s recollections, paying homage to David Lynch through a series of heightened characterisations that are each underpinned by Chloe Caillet’s subtle, jazzy score."

NFFTY is taking place in-person in Seattle, from April 28 - May 1, and virtually from April 28 - May 8, 2022. You can head to the Directors Library for the full festival must-see list.