We are thrilled with the online premiere on this new platform highlighting the very best of Asian talent and stories. 

The short is a magical realist tale about a young woman who gives birth to a live jellyfish during an attempted abortion.

Who or what do you believe when you can’t believe your eyes? In other words, how does one validate a personal experience when no two realities run parallel?

The film alludes to the knotty gamut of emotions women are met with during the process of terminating a pregnancy. From loneliness, perplexity, and dissociation to relief and a renewed sense of hope and optimism, What Do You Know About The Water and The Moon is a journey of self-consolation and an expression of solidarity with others who have lived through what is a common, but deeply personal and variegated experience.

Watch the full film online at www.nowness.asia and do read the wonderful insightful interview with the writer & director Luo Jian.