"Five characters decide whether they should risk death for a chance to have their dream come true." Parlour Games - written & directed by Danny Sangra.

Delivered by a stellar cast of British actors, the film’s plot is that of some unexpected psychological thriller, and the characters themselves are something out of Clue: the major (Robert Portal), the servant girl (Vinette Robinson), the young beauty (Nell Hudson), the matron (Anna Wilson-Jones), the suited husband (Ashley Zhangazha). Perhaps they have been here, killing time in this timeless room, for longer than they realize...

Parlour Games is added to VOLTAVILLE, Sangra’s expansive archive of interconnected comedy shorts. A prolific all-around creative powerhouse, Sangra writes and directs work in a singular style with a recurring gang of A-List collaborators, earning him loyal audiences.

If you'd like to join Danny and his cast at the screening, drop us a line on margo@lief.london.