We're delighted that our short film 'Rejoice Resist' dir. Elisha Smith-Leverock won the Best Fashion award at the 2021 edition of Aesthetica Film Festival.

40 Other fashion films were nominated in the category, and screened in the various programs from Forms of Resistance to An Idea is a Discovery. 'Rejoice Resist' was presented as part of Collective Power, which spanned the genres of documentary, dance, narrative and fantasy and showed stories that are "touch points for today‚Äôs most pressing topics including gender, beauty, isolation, and the transient nature of life that we all so often try to forget."

Made in 2020 for the collective IN THE BLK, 'Rejoice Resist' is a film that celebrates and shows Black pleasure as the ultimate form of resistance. It highlights the importance of allowing yourself to feel joy in the face of adversity.

Watch the full film below and head to Elisha's reel for more of her work.

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