Lief celebrate womxn, inclusivity and diversity now and always. With her talk for TEDx Amsterdam Women Lief’s founder Margo Mars shares this #IWD message:⠀

“TED is all about spreading good ideas. I thought it was a good idea to give our industry a little push, as seen from the public - who, up until now, are pretty in the dark about how much advertising is shaping the way they see things.⠀

Doing this TEDx talk was so eye-opening for me. I became much more aware of how little awareness there is outside of our industry-bubble on what is influencing global consciousness. ⠀

I argue that the advertising industry is tiptoeing - in private - around systemic issues: let’s make them public. The optics are great, but the diversity data behind the camera couldn’t be further from the truth.⠀

The demand for diversity in front of the camera has come from the public, and we can involve them in the demands to do the same behind the camera.⠀

Award underrepresented creators with ALL types of stories, including those that matter. I will continue to be outspoken about this. 

Excuse the delivery as this HUGE empty theatre during COVID was a nerve-racking stage, to say the least.”