Lily Baldwin teams up with Saschka Unseld once more after their award winning VR film 'Through You' with their latest project, a VR docu-dream entitled 'Terrain'. 

TERRAIN is a virtual dance installation exploring the collision and alignment of diversity. It asks the viewer to engage — to instigate and evaluate — this convergence of difference. The participant’s movement directly shapes how and when individual bodies join together in “a collective body."

TERRAIN is told through a collection of physical portraits from across the globe. The active participation by director, performer Lily Baldwin with these individual portraits breaks through the isolation of their own experience and brings them together in “a unison” in which they are all moving in the same rhythm.

The viewer will be invited to step outside his world into a kaleidoscopic TERRAIN of eclectic portraits, and is asked to make choices. What do you do in the face of difference? What does intimacy feel like with strangers in places you’ve never been?