Quick Slice, an anti-disciplinary film installation by filmmaker and dancer Lily Baldwin, inspired by Guggenheim Foundation fellow choreographer Netta Yerushalmy’s project Paramodernities, was recently on view as a short looped sequence in the New York Live Arts centre - installed in an intentionally unsuspecting location, a bathroom. 

Baldwin always casts her films from her community, featuring trained and untrained performers with authenticity the goal. 

In Quick Slice she features family and fellow performers that span her years dancing in NYC from the Met Opera Ballet to touring with David Byrne. Gus Solomons Jr (dapper gentleman) is NYC’s downtown dance icon (Donald McKayle, Pearl Lang, Joyce Trisler, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Martha Clarke) and Angie Pittman (Bessie award-winning dance artist, Ralph Lemon, Tere O’Conor) is a new fierce presence on the scene. Katharine Padulo (Lady vixen in pink) is Baldwin's aunt and appears in most all of her films. Wally Padulo (Santa-clause-esque) is her uncle — a true and tride postman from New Jersey. Geneva (commanding teen) is a new friend who she met at Laguardia High school when she was filming her upcoming series Underaged. 

Performers wear their own clothes and feature designs by Pavon NYC. 

Music and sound is a mashup of original and remixed score by composer Mark degli Antoni (Werner Herzog, David Byrne). 

Filmed on location in Brooklyn at “Joe’s Pizza”.

You can view some excerpts of the event as part of Lily's showreel here.