Remembering of Bat for Lashes live at London’s EartH 26-11-19  ...⁣because last night deserves a proper write up.

Stripped down to keyboard & vocals in EartH’s wooden amphitheatre, Natasha invited us into a whole new space and time, creating an intimate universe where everything is heightened. Her voice the guiding light, as she shows us every foible, every reach, every strength and every vulnerability. It’s brave and totally badass. 

The moonlit rollercoasters and foggy clifftops the Lost Girls songs evoke are easy to imagine as we swoop through the chilly night sky. Dark arpeggio oceans ebb and flow - distant bell on unseen buoys - ring on the mist.

'The Hunger’ a yearning morphine-power-ballad for lovers wearing patched-denim -slowed right down to savour the chords - always ready to punch the air with those softly-studded leather gloves ;)

’Desert Man’ comes along to transport us to a hot vast space where people are just specks in the distance. The spaces may be HUGE in that desert, but they chime and ring with the intensity of a sandstorm. Natasha’s seemingly endless range is a like a call to arms - an incantation to the desert’s dangerous power.

The set was punctuated with a few well chosen covers. ‘Boys Of Summer’ by Don Henley epitomises the West Coast flavour of Lost Girls and gives us a chink of daylight - everything’s gonna be OKAY - she’s got her "hair pulled back" and "she’s got her sunglasses on"

The other big moment was when Natasha CASUALLY dropped into ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush. Through the opening haunting lilt - it’s like she’s channeling Kate. It works SO well. Right time - right place. This tribute to Kate is touching and sublime, I can easily see the lineage between Kate and Natasha as artists. 

It’s a thank you maybe, for the inspiration. A silver thread to a Muse Mother. “Give me these hands back - give me your hand” she sings -and we’re all spellbound. And if the Muse Mother were here she’d probably say THIS woman’s work - is good!

Words by Dave Cooke.

Picture by @kamzaki