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Nina Holmgren is a Danish director, who started off her career as a one-woman-army. One day she picked up a camera and began filming. She has spend a lot of time in the documentary and art world. Her curiosity of stories and human-beings is hard to miss in her films. 

She loves to find the beauty in what the rest of us might find appalling. She makes us wonder why we never realized that human-scales are amazingly aesthetic. Her ties to the fashion world is expressed in whimsical ways. 

Her film for the clothing brand Le fix “Club 99.7” premiered on Nowness and was awarded Best Film from 2017. It received a huge amount of success, it was shortlisted at a variety of festivals, notably Cannes Lions and won Best Branded Content at the One Show X Free The Bid in New York. 

During Cannes Lions 2019 Nina picked up three Young Director Awards for her films on climate change and women’s rights, both of which show her determination on telling important stories to a wide audience. 

"With her two films 'I Want You to Panic' and 'Right to Play' winning a Gold and two Silver at YDA it seems the talented director has found the perfect blend of storytelling and aesthetic expression." SHOTS