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Eva Michon is an award-winning film maker with a gift for exceptional cinematic storytelling and natural comedic timing. 

Born in Johannesburg, she grew up in Toronto where she developed as an artist and photographer before focusing on film, but she continued her exploration of the art world as the editor of celebrated cutting edge independent arts and culture magazine, Bad Day. 

She moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to focus on directing, and has caught the industry’s attention through her outstanding music video, short film, and commercial work. 

Armed with impeccable taste, Michon intuitively knows what is effortlessly cool and brings relevance to everything she directs. Her short film “Small Fry” premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, and is in development as a feature. Most recently she collaborated with the house of CHANEL launching the Chance instagram account with a fresh series of mini-films featuring new faces Selah Marley, Lily Newmark, Belen Chavanne and Angela Yuen. 

“Eva Michon is hot on nuanced narratives with great simple ideas that make you smile. Never girly, she’s particularly wonderful at creating that cruisey mood of being at one with the world.” Lyndy Stout of 1.4 for Free the Bitch: ’12 female directors to watch globally’.