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British born director, Lola Young is a new generation talent. Fierce and feminine, she explores her voice through sharp, intimate film work. 

Shaped by cinematographer father, Gary Young, and assistant work at companies including the vibrant LEGS Media in NYC, Lola’s developed an intuitive, sensual approach to filmmaking. 

With exquisite sensitivity to emotion, she artfully observes individuals and relationships. Driven by a strong youthful energy, her lens is close, cool and captivatingly human.

Lola’s last film, ‘Water Baby’ took her to Costa Rica, inspired and moved by young motherhood, the film is an exploration of love. Both emotionally and visually rich, it’s hard not to be captivated by it as it overflows with dynamic, youthful energy. Both courage and selflessness are captured sincerely throughout, with Young exhibiting real admiration for her subjects. This authentic storytelling of a mother-daughter relationship is supported by the father-daughter bond behind the camera, elevating the honest heart of this project. The result is something close, cool and captivatingly human.