Lief Lief a female-led creative content studio

A Lief production feature-length film created with Droga5 to mark the 150th anniversary of the hamburger, the city of Hamburg’s world-famous culinary export, directed by acclaimed German filmmaker Jan Bonny.

Dan Morris at Droga5 London, says: “The process of creating from scratch a legitimate piece of arthouse cinema was daunting enough. Then we realised, to be true to the idea of the hamburger being created in Germany, the film also had to be in German. Which none of us spoke. Some might say that it was an insane thing to undertake. Those people have obviously never worked on Rustlers.’

‘The Seas Between Us’ premiered in Berlin’s famed Arthouse cinema Babylon Kino, before launching on Amazon Prime Video. The film has an original jazz score, which is also available to stream on Spotify.