L i e f L i e f ~ a filmmaker-driven production company

WILD LIEF is where we make short form content with brands, and sometimes without. Content we get commissioned to make, we elevate, or we generate from conception.

Our creative repertoire goes beyond the traditional commercial film to create a varied offer of work for our clients and partners.

"Unrestricted in length and with boundless creativity, these films tell the stories audiences want to hear. It's led us to create award winning work that stands out, is brave, ambitious and cuts through the noise."

Lief has access to unique exceptional global talent, and bolsters a curated roster with a profound understanding of the content market. They can generate, write, and elevate ideas at different stages of conception, complementing agencies and brands in this new era of content creation. Our extended rolodex of global contacts include strong relationships with talent in entertainment, the arts, fashion, music and on-camera talent - our #LoveLief family.